Plotting Time Series With No Aggregation in Kibana

I have these daily records (DayOfTheYear*, NumericValue) that span multiple years and I would like to plot them in the same histogram to visually try to spot similarities.

I actually managed to plot them using split series. The NumericValue on the Y-Axis and DayOfTheYear on X-Axis. Then I added Split Series with Sub-Aggregation with each year as Filters. So I have something like that:

enter image description here

But then I noticed that if I change the Aggregation on the Y-Axis from min to max.. the plots differ. What kind of aggregation is done? Since there's only one numericalValue/Day should't it be the minimum and also the maximum of that day? How could I simply plot the actual data (no aggregations)?

*DayOfTheYear is extracted from Date(YYYY/MM/dd).


Unfortunately its not possible with Kibana visualizations now. Kibana is built on the concept of aggregations. You can try using Vega in Kibana to see if its possible.


I did not know about Vega. I will check it out.

Regarding the question, I had daily records for more items. So I forgot to filter by item. When you have only one record per day, the min is also the maximum of that day.

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