Plugin input twitter option proxy

in the previous version of twitter plugin could put a proxy username and password

config :proxy_user, :validate => :string, :default => "username"
config :proxy_password, :validate => :string, :default => "password"

and in the version of 5 logstash I not find these options

def configure(c)
c.consumer_key = @consumer_key
c.consumer_secret = @consumer_secret.value
c.access_token = @oauth_token
c.access_token_secret = @oauth_token_secret.value
if @use_proxy
c.proxy = {
proxy_address: @proxy_address,
proxy_port: @proxy_port,
proxy_user: @proxy_user,
proxy_password: @proxy_password,

why those options she has disappeared?

Which version of the plugin has the proxy_user and proxy_password options? I can't find any trace of those options anywhere. Perhaps you used a forked release of the plugin?