Plugin on new platform

I am developing a Kibana 7.8 plugin, I would like to know how to retrieve environment variables in the client part (public) and also how to add a link in the menu, because before you had to use uiExports: { links: { ... } } }, I can't find it in the documentation nor in the existing kibana plugins.

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you're trying to add a link to the side navigation, you have to register your plugin. You can find examples of our plugins doing that by searching core.application.register({

(I linked a github search, but you'll get better results in your code editor and if you filter out results from test files)

I would like add a link which rediect on an external website like this (made on a plugin in Kibana 7.0) :

uiExports: {
    links: [
        id: 'my_external_website',
        title: 'My external website',
        url: '',
        description: 'My external website',

I can't find out how to reproduce this in the KIbana repository.
I did like this while waiting to find a better solution because it's an application that does a redirection, but it's not really what I'm looking for

    id: 'my_external_website',
    title: 'My external website',
    mount() { return window.location.href = ''; },

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