Plugin startup fails in V7.9.3

My plugin is working in 7.6.0. I am now using Kibana 7.9.3 and the plugin fails yarn start with

FATAL TypeError: xpackMainPlugin.registerFeature is not a function

The plugin was created with the script 'node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin_kris_script' in a prior version to 7.9.3. Here's an example with 7.6.0 the script.

import { resolve } from 'path';
import { existsSync } from 'fs';

import { i18n } from '@kbn/i18n';

import exampleRoute from './server/routes/example';

export default function(kibana) {
  return new kibana.Plugin({
    require: ['elasticsearch'],
    name: 'my_plugin_kris_script_7_6_0',
    uiExports: {
      app: {
        title: 'My Plugin Kris Script 7 6 0',
        description: 'An awesome Kibana plugin',
        main: 'plugins/my_plugin_kris_script_7_6_0/app',
      hacks: ['plugins/my_plugin_kris_script_7_6_0/hack'],
      styleSheetPaths: [
        resolve(__dirname, 'public/app.scss'),
        resolve(__dirname, 'public/app.css'),
      ].find(p => existsSync(p)),

    config(Joi) {
      return Joi.object({
        enabled: Joi.boolean().default(true),

    // eslint-disable-next-line no-unused-vars
    init(server, options) {
      const xpackMainPlugin = server.plugins.xpack_main;
      if (xpackMainPlugin) {
        const featureId = 'my_plugin_kris_script_7_6_0';

          id: featureId,
          name: i18n.translate('myPluginKrisScript760.featureRegistry.featureName', {
            defaultMessage: 'my_plugin_kris_script_7.6.0',
          navLinkId: featureId,
          icon: 'questionInCircle',
          app: [featureId, 'kibana'],
          catalogue: [],
          privileges: {
            all: {
              api: [],
              savedObject: {
                all: [],
                read: [],
              ui: ['show'],
            read: {
              api: [],
              savedObject: {
                all: [],
                read: [],
              ui: ['show'],

      // Add server routes and initialize the plugin here

This was posted in another post where someone was having similar issues.

The `registerFeature` function has migrated to the `features` plugin. So, in the new 
plugin system, you'll have to add the `features` plugin as a dependency and then you can 
call `plugin.features.registerFeature` from your plugin's setup function.

Problem I am not certain how to add the "features" plugin dependency into my plugin as its coded above and I have not been able to find examples.


A new framework was introduced and the legacy plugins have been phasing out.

As we’ve rolled out these changes, we’ve introduced significant changes to our experimental plugin API available to non-Elastic plugin developers. If you are a developer that maintains a Kibana plugin, you will need to update your plugin to work with future versions of Kibana. Our incremental approach has led to churn in the experimental API and we generally recommend developing your Kibana platform plugin against 7.9 or higher to reduce the amount of work to upgrade. With this in mind, we will be disabling the legacy plugin API in 7.10.

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