Plugin unable to find classes in ES 7.12 and newer

I'm new to ES plugin development and I'm trying to change an ES plugin that worked with ES v7.3.0 to work with ES v7.13.4 or newer, but it seems like both index.query.QueryShardContext and were removed in ES v7.12.0

I see some usages of those classes in the deprecated section of the v7.11.2 javadocs, but it doesn't seem like the whole classes would be removed which confuses me. I'm not sure where to start in refactoring my code's usages of QueryShardContext and MatchQuery. Are there recommended classes to migrate to using or any documentation that would point me how to handle this?

See Rename QueryShardContext -> SearchExecutionContext. by jtibshirani · Pull Request #67544 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

Regarding the match query, there are now builder classes which contain the zero terms query?

Thank you so much! That was exactly the advice I needed and solved my issues so I've marked it as the solution. However, I bumped into a similar issue while trying to update ES further so I opened a new thread, I would appreciate if you would speak to that as well.

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