PNG Watcher Report not working

I'm attempting to use Watcher to generate regularly scheduled dashboard reports. I'd like to have the reports be inline PNG files. None of the ways listed in any documentation I've found seems to work.

First I tried setting it up as an "http" attachment. I copied the POST Url from the Dashboard as the URL in the attachment object in the watcher. The report would run, the email would send, and it'd contain a .png attachment. However, this wasn't a real image: it was a text file containing the POST response from the POST Url from the Dashboard.

I modified the watcher to use the "reporting" attachment, changed the Url to the PDF Post Url, and saved. This new report ran fine, except the attachment was now a PDF attachment and actually contains data. However, the "inline" setting for the attachment seemed to be ignored. The Email Action page in the Elastic Docs lists "inline" as an optional attribute, but I think that's wrong.

Most recently, I changed the PDF stuff to PNG stuff while maintaining the "reporting" attachment settings. This didn't work, as the error message indicated it was still looking for a PDF to generate.

Can someone tell me if it's actually possible to generate PNG Watcher reports, and if so, how? I'm getting the feeling that the Elastic documentation is wrong/old.

Hi, can you post your watcher action JSON configurations? For both the PNG attempt, and inline PDF. This will help us debug further.


I moved this to the Elasticsearch topic as it is really more a question about how to configure a watch in Elasticsearch.

I got it working. I'm using the reporting attachment function to generate a PNG attachment. My confusion came from a possibly misworded error message. The error message said "Error when polling PDF from host", which was part of a timeout issue. The fact it specifically said PDF in the error message made me think it wasn't possible to use this for PNG's.

I have a feeling that error message should be changed, as reporting can now be used for PDFs and PNGs

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