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Hello Community,

there are Popular fields collected out from the Available Fields on the left-hand side of Discover in Kibana. The customer wants them to be adjusted to each user as well as to each data view.
Therefore the question: how are popular fields calculated? Does the calculation take users in account? Or data views?

Milos Tepavcevic

Currently popularity is set at the data view level. You can see it by editing a field, expanding the "Advanced" accordion, and setting a numeric popularity integer.

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Hello Graham,

Thank you so much: our customer can set high values for interesting fields, so that they don't disappear from the list of popular fields!

However, even when we manually set the popularity of the field, it is still getting increased for 1 as the field becomes selected. Of course, sufficiently large values can ensure that a field does not escape from the list of popular fields. Nevertheless, is it possible to completely deactivate the automatic behavour of increasing popularity of the field upon selection?

Milos Tepavcevic

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