Population pyramid

Hello everyone! I need a little help.

I would like to make a population pyramid on my data. I would like to separate the gender and make 5 year age brackets. While counting the number of people in each category.
I know it's possible with Vega. But I can't do it.

Currently in my data I have the date of birth and the gender of the population.

Thanks for your futures answers

It's going to be tough on how to walk through it all. I would suggest checking out the example which I think is close to what you are looking for and then building from there. If you have a specific question then try to include what you've done so far and narrow it down so we can take a look at it.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

I started by comparing the data I was using with the one in the example and in the example there is the year and the number of people in +, I do not have that. I thought that the example would manage this by itself to count the population.

I have the impression to be blocked for the blow...

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