Portainer - how can I create multi-app container?

I have installed Docker on my Synology NAS so that I may install and experiment with elastic enterprise search.
Docker was installed via the Synology Package Centre, and I've also installed docker-compose and Portainer - thanks to guidance from https://www.youtube.com/c/WunderTechTutorials.
I was able to install enterprise search using portainer (see below)

, but it would only run for a few seconds.
I guess that this is because it requires Elasticsearch.
But, how do I install 'em both in the same container?
There are a few, sample, multi-app docker-compose.yml files on elastic.co, but I couldn't get any of them to work, and I was so happy when I found Portainer, and a comparitively simple container creation process.
I couldn't find any techniques for creating multi-app containers using Portainer.
Any suggestions, please.

Yes, you need Elasticsearch to use Elastic Enteprise Search.

I don't think there is any official documentation about how to run it with Portainer, so maybe it is better to look for help on the Portainer plataforms as this issue is more related to it then to elastic tools.

This post on their forum has links for their Slack, Discord and Reddit.

Very helpful.
Thank you.