Porting of existing Graph Data into Elastic Graph


(Rajkumarc2000) #1

I am trying to explore the features of Graph as we speak - here is the question we have..

If we have a traditional graph data which is present in Neo4j and if we are trying to bring that into Elastic search can graph help in this case ? There are ways to bring in the nodes and the properties into elastic search using some of the existing techniques but not the relationships which is stored in Graph.

Does Graph support of just porting of the existing data in Neo4j into Elasticsearch and helps to index both the nodes and relationships - so that we can build quick and easy dashboards using Kibana.


(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Rajkumar,

Great question, though it's important to note that our graph product isn't intended as a drop-in replacement for something like Neo4j. Instead, I suggest modeling your data in a more "natural" way, as if you were thinking about the nodes as documents that have properties, rather than links, and then trying our graph product on the resulting data.

Often, we find that a representation like this exists in a different system outside of graph databases, which might make the process easier!


(system) #3