Possible Feature Request: Redis Authentication with Username/Password

Hi everyone.

We are planing to use redis between beats and logstash as a buffer for high utilization timespots.
In this setup currently there is only a "password" option for the redis output/input plugin, so every participant can write AND READ the logs using the same default user. Therefore a corrupted host could read all current logs out of redis. As with redis 7.0.11 there is an option to only permit write access to redis, preventing a corrupt host of reading logs from other participants.

In the most simple way we could restrict the default user to write only and add a new user for logstash to read, write etc. With this approach only a change to the logstash redis input would be needed: add username/password authentication. An ideal addition would be also adding username/password to redis output of all beats.

Are we approaching things the wrong way or is this a valid feature request?

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