Possible to rename Doctype

I have a case in my streaming data where I need to rename my doctype to another for a temporary amount of time? Is it possible to rename the doctype of the index without disturbing other aspects of the Index.?


you cannot rename a type but you can create a new one.

For example, if you're index contains my_type, you can create my_temporary_other_type (but use the same mapping for it, otherwise you may have problems later). When you don't need it anymore but want to have the data available in my_type too, you can use the reindex API to reindex the data from my_temporary_other_typemy_temporary_other_typeto my_type again. This is were you need to be sure that the mapping of both types is the same. Apart from that, same field names have to have the same mapping types, even across different types.


Thank you for your advice. It was really helpful. :slight_smile: