Post data locally

I am a newer in es. here are my two questions.
1: i want to post huge data to es on one node locally, whether there any api or method let me to index them without net connection which means index data not by the curl or client that java api offered. Can i just work like using lucene to index or operate the index file locally ?
2: For the huge data, i want to index them quickly, so if there is method metioned above, whether it's more quickly than index data with the common method? if there is no such method, how can i index a very huge data to es as fast as possible?
thank you all.

I'm newer in elasticsearch too. then I don't know if my answer will be helpfull.
But in any case think what you are searching for to index data locally is Java client:

In order to index multiple data on a single request you have the bulk API.