Potential Feature Loss: 2.X to 5.X: Percolate does not create copy_to fields?

We use percolate heavily in our current ES 2.3.3 cluster, trying to configure an identical setup with 5.6.7 currently has us a little confused. We previously have some registered percolate queries that make use of _all, as per suggestions, we've disabled _all in our 5.X updates, and created a copy_to field that contains the components that we actually care about, and it works great for those searches. However, registering the same query to a percolate index, and pushing a document that should match through doesn't work. The percolate _mapping registers, so it seems the percolate index registers the copy_to mappings but doesn't actually execute them during percolation? If we manually build the copy_to field via simple string concatenation and push those same document through, it works fine. The other thing that seems pertinent is that we've moved from the native client to the rest client, so maybe the native client was doing some of that work for us? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions!

Turns out it was just a document_type mismatch. The percolate index had a mapping for document_type and queries. Then running a percolate query for a document_type that isn't in mappings doesn't give any outward sign of error, and for any simple non-mapping it just works. But for anything advanced where the actual mapping specification is important, it just results in misses... So unfortunately all of our tests were simple.. full example here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49680402/elasticsearch-5-x-percolate-how-to-autogenerate-copy-to-fields

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