Potential issue

When I run the following query on my ElasticSearch instance:

GET /_cat/nodes?v

I get this response:

heap.percent 26

ram.percent 73

cpu 0

load_1m 0.01

load_5m 0.04

load_15m 0.00

diskAvail 160GB

I am concerned about the ram.percent. Here is explanation of what those values mean, but 73% looks like a lot. Do I need to be worried, and if yes what are the steps to take to prevent something bad from happening?

I have around 70 indexes. Smallest one is around 50kb (10 or more documents). The largest one is 800MB (around 700k documents). It is ELK stack, with default settings.

My AWS EC2 instance has i7CPU (equivalent), 64GB ram and SSD 500GB.

INFO: I do not have any fielddata. And queries that check for fielddata are 0 bytes.

That was 3 days ago. Now my ram.percent rose to 85%. Nothing special, no special queries, just more documents in the indexes. I only use Kibana to search through the logs and detect issues which are normally not visible in normal logs.

Is something bad coming my way?

No. Per cat nodes | Elasticsearch Reference [5.4] | Elastic it's

Used total memory percentage

Which means both heap and off heap use.

Thank you for explanation.

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