Powershell DSC Deploy and MSI

Hi all,
Before I attempt this from scratch, has anyone created a Powershell DSC file that they've used for deploying Filebeat?

I'm not aware of something like that out there yet even so I'm sure someone had to do it. Would be nice if you could share it afterwards if you create one.

I've been looking at it this afternoon, but without an MSI it's a a manual file copying hack so looking to create a filebeat MSI first. Amazed there isn't one already.

I've written a WIX so I've now got an MSI and that's all working.
Used standard DSC Package syntax to deploy it and all working fine. Haven't looked into config deployment yet.
I'll tidy up the WIX and drop it on GitHub. It'll still be a bit messy though as I'd never touched WIX before until yesterday

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Filebeat MSI generator
WIX and powershell build script.
Very little documentation and comments apart from usage.
Will update if I get the time.

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