Practical size for attachments

Hi All,

For attachment data, is there a practical size limit to the content of the attachment?

I wish to add multiple attachments to an index in a nested sub-object and there may be a lot of data.
Is there a point where it is more practical to have an index (or multiple indices) of just attachment data?


I'd not store blobs in elasticsearch but just the extracted text.

But there's indeed some limits.
One of them is the http max size limit which is IIRC 100mb.

Hi David,

Even for the extracted text the data could be large. I have pumped some 40Mb pdfs through the attachment ingest pipeline and they end up with 6-8 mb of text.

I'm just looking for any indication from experience of what point this is no longer a good strategy, either search performance degrades, the indexed Json objects become unwieldy or anything else ...