Pre-processing data for analysis/visualisation - kibana or elsewhere?

I got some indices the data of wich are not optimal for my analysis goals. Where/how can I manipulate them? It's about

  • the type of the fields
  • the names
  • merging fields (e.g. Christmas and X-mas should both become Xmas)

What options does kibana offer here?

Generally, I wonder where in the pipeline it's best to prepare the data to finally process them in kibana.
I feel that it is best to prepare the data before I ingest them into elasticsearch...

Thanks a lot,


Its best to clean your data at ingestion. You can use ingest node to to pre-process documents before the actual document indexing happens.

Thanks a lot, Nathan. That's what I assumed and what seems sensible to me, too.
So I take it that Kibana doesn't really offer options for performing the above mentioned transformations? Or if it does, could you point me to the right section there? I am just beginning digging deeper into Kibana.
Thanks again,

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