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So I've got a small problem, I have two different datasets with two quite different kinds of mappings for each. One's xml data, the others from a csv. Essentially, I want to compare a certain field from each dataset to see if theres any sort of match and visualise that using kibana. The fieldnames from each dataset are entirely different and thus their mappings are different as well (I have pushed the data from both datasets into the same index in elasticsearch)

From the xml data, I'm looking to take the 'first_name' field and compare it with the field 'full_name' from the csv. Essentially if the 'first_name' value exists within the 'full_name', I would want a result to appear (perhaps I would need to make a script to do this to just show those results? If so, how would that script look?)
At the moment I'm not sure on how to proceed and I haven't been able to find much help online. Does anyone have any sort of solution? :slight_smile:

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Hey @Errors if you modify the way that you're ingesting documents into Elasticsearch by using Logstash or the Elasticsearch Ingest Node to extract the first_name from the full_name field, then you can create a Visualization that performs a terms aggregation on the first_name to determine where it's missing similar to:

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