Prefer one master node over another?

I've decreased the size of my cluster to just 4 data nodes but I feel like 3 dedicated master nodes is just a bit much for how small the cluster is and only one would be fine. I would like to relieve the data nodes from having to be masters if I can help it but also wouldn't mind if one were to take over if the dedicated master failed for some reason. Basically my question is can I have a set up like this: 2 data nodes, 2 data/master nodes, 1 master node, but have the dedicated master node always be the elected master when it is up and running? Or should I just make 3 of those 4 data nodes masters and just increase their resources? Thanks in advanced!


Not without restarting the other node(s) that may be elected master, no.

Master nodes should not need a lot of resources, you should be able to run master+data comfortably.

Great! Thank you for your help. I will test it out.