Prioritize a Master node in a Cluster


I would like to ask again a question that was raised previously in a post with the (almost) same title (I could not reopen it).

I wonder if there is a way to prioritize master nodes so that a particular machine will be preferred in the election process. This is to control the master's location or host (i.e. resources) if there are differences between machines.

A simple example could be a small cluster of 3 hosts, 1 would be master only and the 2 others master + data. I'd like the master only to be master obviously, but if anything happens to it the 2 data nodes can takes over that role.

This is to save on resources while maintaining some of the good design principles.
It seems better than 1 master only, or 3 master+data combined nodes.

When the master comes back he can take its role back as well.

Thank you,

(David Pilato) #2

No. This does not exist AFAIK.

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