Can Active Master election priority be decided?


My setup:
1 Master node: Low RAM and CPU machine
2 Coordinating nodes (also eligible masters): Highly configured machines
2 Data nodes (One Replica)(RAID-0)

By the master election process, any of the Master or my coordinating nodes is elected as active master.
I send all my indexing and searching requests to both coordinating nodes.
If coordinating node is elected as master, it starts performing 2 responsibilities, one is master and other is coordinating.

Is there an option to tell ES explicitly that my 'Master node' above should be the initial active master, when my cluster starts. And thereafter it may give priority to any of coordinating nodes ??
This way initially, unless there is problem with 'Master node', at least my master responsibility will be carried out by dedicated master node and coordinating responsibility will be with Coordinating nodes.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

No, this is currently not possible.


Ok. @Christian_Dahlqvist: If my coordinating nodes have too much load, does ES, on the fly, elect a master which has low amount of load ?

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As far as I know, load is not taken into account during the election process. Assuming the hosts with your coordinating nodes are powerful enough, you may benefit from running two nodes on each - one dedicated master node with small heap and the current coordinating node. This would give you three dedicated master nodes, which should not receive any traffic but be left to manage the cluster. Even better would naturally be to have three dedicated master nodes on separate hosts.

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