Prioritize a Master node in ES Cluster


My ES Cluster contains 3 Master nodes (01,02 and 03) and 3 Data nodes (04,05 and 06).
When Master 01 goes down, either of the Master nodes 02 or 03 will act as Master.

Current Situation : When Master 01 comes online, still Master 02 or 03 will act as a Master and Data nodes will connect to Master nodes (02 or 03)

I would like to know, how can I configure these Masters in a such a way like If Master 01 comes online, the Data nodes should connect back to Master 01.

Why do you think it matters?

I mean master can be 1 or 2 or 3 and why do you think it is important that it should be 1?

Here we would like to act Master nodes 02 and 03 for search purpose only. So we don't want to share the resources of 02 and 03 for longer period as a master.
Is there any possibility to set priority in Master -01.

If you want to separate data nodes, master nodes and coordinating nodes, then you need to start:

  • 3 master nodes
  • 3 data nodes
  • 2 coordinating nodes

But I'm unsure you really need that.

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