Preferring 1st, 2nd, 3rd over 1, 2, 3


I have a shop field in my data where each value is like:

14th Street Pizza
14th Street Pizza (in a different city)
24 Wall Street Pizza
Pizza Street
14 Pizza Hot

I do a search for "14 street pizza", I want the first 2 to come up in that order

I did a simple query and got results like:

14th Street Pizza, NY
24 Wall Street Pizza
14th Street Pizza, MI
Pizza Street
14 Pizza Hot

I used fuzzy=2 and got "24 Wall Street Pizza" as the top result (I understand the levenshtein-damerau concept)

What's the best approach to solve this? Should I create a list of synonyms - where 1 => 1st, 2 =>2nd and so on?

I also found a blog post that suggested to create a new field after removing all punctuation, spaces and make it lowercase


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