Premium X-Pack license without API

Im on ES v6.3.2
I have platinum license, and I know how to upgrade to it via licensing API

Pertaining to question
From the docs at (docs):

You can configure this licensing setting in the elasticsearch.yml file ...


Set to basic (default) to enable basic X-Pack features.

I want to set the license to the platinum license that I have upon starting up Elasticsearch. Can I add something in Elasticsearch.yml file to do this ("xpack.license: @license.json" or something)?

If you have a Platinum license you can always contact support for any questions you have :slight_smile:

Have you tried the steps in here What problems are you having with them?

Well these steps upgrade the license using the license API. And I wanted to configure license settings before starting up Elasticsearch service for the purpose of automated ES cluster creation. Yes, I can use the API. I just thought that there might/should be some way to include the license as a setting before starting the Elastic service.

There's not sorry.

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