'preserve_existing' documentation update



I have a proposal regarding one piece of documentation:
Please check my PR: https://github.com/tworogue/elasticsearch/pull/1/files
Do you agree with it?

Some more detail:

That's how it's written in the docs now:

(Optional, boolean) If true , existing index settings remain unchanged. Defaults to false .

Actally, when I update my indices settings with preserve_existing=true, index settings are changed, but they set back to previous settings after my cluster is restarted.

I think we should stress that specificity in documentation in more detail.
Because changes actually take effect until the restart, not "remain unchanged".

That sounds like a bug to me, not a documentation issue; would you write up some instructions on how to reproduce it and open a bug report on Github?

I was able to reproduce the problem on 6.8.2 a couple of days ago.
However, it all works for me on 7.8.0.

I could try to reproduce it again on 6.8.2 and open a bug report, if I will still have the problem.
Although, as I can see, 6.8.2 meets EOL really soon: https://www.elastic.co/support/eol
And it's probably easier to just switch to the newer version.
Do you think my input could be helpful?

Thanks for checking. The 6.8 branch will live on for several months so a bug report would be appreciated, although if it's been fixed in 7.x then maybe it was already reported.

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