Preserve_position_increments mapping flag of suggester not working

Hi all,

my suggestion mapping and my suggestion call is working in principle,
except the behaviour that should be enabled by the
preserve_position_increments: false flag.

Excerpt of the ES reference:
"preserve_position_increments Enables position increments, defaults to true.
If disabled and using stopwords analyzer, you could get a field starting
with The Beatles, if you suggest for b. Note: You could also achieve this
by indexing two inputs, Beatles and The Beatles, no need to change a simple
analyzer, if you are able to enrich your data."

my mapping:

                    "suggest": {
                         "type": "completion",
                        "index_analyzer": "standard",
                        "search_analyzer": "standard",
                        "payloads": true,
                        "preserve_separators": false,
                        "preserve_position_increments": false,
                        "max_input_length": 250

that is my call:

POST http://localhost:9200//_suggest {
"test-suggest" : {
"text" : "Adlon",
"completion" : {
"field" : "persons.3.perLanguage.deu.suggest"

the value of the field above is: Percy Adlon

it is working for the Text Percy, Per or PercyA

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? (ES version 1.3.2)

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