Preserve_position_increments mapping with stop analyzer not searching for middle words

Similar queries have been previously posted but none of the solutions are working for me.

Elasticsearch Version 5.5.3

Have set the preserve_position_increments as false and have tried "stop", "standard" and "simple" analyzers, but not able to get the results if the suggestion text doesn't match with the starting of the input, i.e suggestion not working for middle words.

 "course_suggest": {
                            "type": "completion",
                            "analyzer": "stop",
                            "search_analyzer": "stop",
                            "preserve_separators": false,
                            "preserve_position_increments": false,
                            "max_input_length": 50

Sample data:
course_suggest: [" CSE"]

Post Request:

     "suggest" : {
          	"course_suggestion": {
         	    "text" : "",
          	    "completion" : {
          	        "field" : "courses_suggest",
          	        "size": 10

The above request works but if I query with the text "CSE" no results are found.

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