Prevent dashboard in iframe from getting focus

I've created a Kibana dashboard which I want to embed in an iframe on a webpage. The problem I'm facing is that once the Kibana dashboard is fully loaded, the iframe is getting focus. And because the iframe is located at the bottom of the page, the page suddenly scrolls down. I want to prevent this automatic scroll and leave it up to the user to scroll through the webpage.

I think the scroll is happening either because of the fragment in the dashboard url (.../app/kibana #/dashboard/...), or because of some Javascript which is triggered by Kibana.

Does anyone know how to prevent my page from scrolling to the Kibana dashboard in an iframe?

I did some more testing, and I don't think it's related to the fragment in the url. When I use as url in my iframe, the page doesn't scroll to the iframe automatically. So I guess there must be some javascript code which forces Kibana to get focus..

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