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Hi guys,

I am looking to build a price comparison website and use Elastic search to help me do so. The products that we will be comparing from different vendors will have different product titles, brand names etc. What I would like to know is, will I be able to match 2 products that are the same based on specific parts of their product title using elastic search. An example being these 4 product titles:

  1. Apple Iphone 7 Black 64GB
  2. Matte Black Iphone Case
  3. 64GB Black I-phone
  4. Apple Iphone Charger

If a user on our site clicks on the Apple Iphone 7 Black Product -> I will then query Elastic Search to find all the Apple Iphone 7 Black products and return them and their data back to the site. But I would only want products 1 & 3 to be returned.

Is this doable with Elastic Search? And if so could anyone show me a rough outline of what JSON needs to be sent for this kind or query?


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