Search similar phrases


I'm new to Elastic. I think about using this product to build product searching engine (currently works with MySQL).
Suppose I have products "HP DeskJet 710c", "HP DeskJet 712c", "HP DeskJet 820cXi", "Oki C5650"

Typing "HP DeskJet 710c" or "HP-DeskJet 710c" or "HP DeskJet 710" I want to find first and eventually second printer but not the third or last one - distance is too far. More, I'd like to have proper score.

When I type query:
"query": {
"query_string" : {
"default_field" : "printer_name",
"query" : "HP DeskJet 710"
it display... all. Even OKI(!) Score is, for all, 1.
Could you please help? I can do this with Elastic? I need to prepare index and mapping in some way?

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