Pricing et al

How does endpoint security pricing work? After releasing such an exciting product you've made it very difficult to find / evaluate and buy Endpoint security..!


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Hi Hilton.
Thank you for your interest in the Elastic Endpoint Security solution. We were excited to announce our product! We will be launching the solution in the next few weeks, and that will contain additional details. Please sign up here for more information.

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yeah I did that...still waiting for pricing though!

Sorry about that, we're still working hard to complete all the behind-the-scenes things that happen when companies, like Elastic and Endgame, join forces :slight_smile:

I've pinged someone to reach out to you though, so hopefully you'll heard from someone soon. Thanks for your patience.

no worries, when you're ready could I get a trial that I could use to evaluate please?

Hi, Hilton,

To get access to a trial you will need to register with our Early Access Program here:


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