Elastic On-primise price

Hello community

We want to use elastic endpoint security on-premise deployment so is there is any who knows the price of on-premise license?

Hi @laale Welcome to the community and thanks for trying Elastic security.

Elastic does not post pricing on the discuss forum.

Endpoint security in itself. The endpoint agent is a basic free feature.

Please reach out to sales for pricing information.

Have questions? Contact Elastic | Elastic.

Thanks @stephenb for your reply I reached out to the sales I’m waiting them to discuss about the price.

We are planning to deploy elastic security using on-premise solution so what are the best practices you can tell us
For example how many nodes in our cluster in order to manage 100 devices with out performance issues?

Is all in one is good for production like using 1 cluster 1 node and kibana in 1 server?


It depends on what will be collected from those devices and what will be the event rate, you will need to test it out and see if you will need to increase your cluster or not.

The best way is to start it using the basic or trial license to have some metrics about the space and configuration needed.

You will need at least 3 master nodes to have a cluster with some redundancy.

We just need to collect endpoint security events we are collecting too much data we already have our seim running.

So is 1 cluster 1 node enough for collecting malware prevention events?

As I said, you will need to test it out, it is not possible to know without testing.

Also, 1 single-node cluster is not recommended in production as you will not have any redundancy, besides that, I think that the minimun number of nodes that you can license is 5, Elastic probably will not sell a license for a single-node cluster, but their sales team can confirm that.

@laale - As Steven mentioned, your account representative would be best to give you answers on licensing and sizing for the node(s). I would be curious to hear how your experience goes.

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