Elastic pricing for on-premises deployment

Hello, I am currently working as a security analyst and am interested in Elastic and Machine Learning solutions. Currently I want to deploy Elastic Stack on-premises with 3 Elasticsearch nodes and 2 nodes for ML. I tried to contact Elastic sales but couldn't. Help me please. Thank you for everyone!

Hi @S_n_Ngo_Hoang, Unfortunately, We do not provide pricing on this forum.

What does that mean? They did not return your email?

See Here:

There is no way to purchase Licenses without contacting Sales.

Have you considered Elastic Cloud-hosted


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Yes Elastic Supports On Prem Licensing, but you need to contact Sales... and yes, Sales will rarely (or not) respond to a noncorporate email address.

Also, just FYI it is the End of the Fiscal Year for Elastic on April 30th, so they may be slow to respond at this time.

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Thanks @stephenb, thank you for responding. That's right, it seems like my email is not a business email so it is considered spam.
I want to buy a license to deploy on my company's servers and not on the Cloud. Is the elastic pricing license based on my number of nodes? Suppose I want to use 1 master node and 2 Machine learning nodes, do I have to buy 3 licenses?

I explained all that in the link above... But short Yes 3 Nodes.. you also need Data Nodes... (perhaps a typo) Look at the link I gave you above.. again you would work with sales on the Node Count.

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Thank you very much. I really like Elastic's solution and hope to use it soon.

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