Primary nodes not spread across all nodes

Question, should I even care about this

I just upgraded to ELK 5.4.1 and was looking and noticed that my Primary nodes are not necessarily on the 4 nodes. Now I am sure it does not affect search as any node can be used.

But I do index a large volume of data every day, ~1TB ( ~20k messages a second)

** Primary nodes are the solid boxes

Its not causing me an issue right now, but we are in the slow time of the year, and rather "TWEEK" now then when I really need the performance.

Or am I over thinking this?

This does not affect indexing or searching since primaries and replicas need to perform the same amount of work in both cases. So Elasticsearch does not try to spread primaries evenly across nodes.

There is only one exception, which is the update API, which always runs the script on the primary and then replicates the updated document to the replica, so the replica does not have to perform the update again, which might trigger an uneven load. But other than that you should not worry. And there are plans to address the update issue:

Oh OK, I thought the primary on indexing did all the work and sent the "replica" just the final output.

So I will ignore, as we don't use the update api.


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