Primary & replica shards with different size

Hi there,
yesterday I saw that a primary shard and its replica do have a different size.

GET /_cat/shards/dus-log-3v_mcc_pp_dev-6.6.0-2020.42
dus-log-3v_mcc_pp_dev-6.6.0-2020.42 0 p STARTED 29677 35.9mb X.X.X.X node1
dus-log-3v_mcc_pp_dev-6.6.0-2020.42 0 r STARTED 29677 34.4mb X.X.X.Y node2

How can that happen? I thought they should be identical.
And: Is there something I have to do / check about it?

kind regards

The document count is identical, there may be differences in segments though, which would account for that.

Is there a way to count the documents in a shard?

That's what the 5th value in the output is.

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