Printing the email body in watcher using nested array objects

Hi Team,

I am working on a watcher alert which will send an alert when the aggregated bucket count crossed certain value. I am getting aggregations output with nested array of objects and I want to print them line by line as a data table. Could you please let me know how can i print the data. I have tried to print the data using a list but that will not work as it will go to 1000s of lines and is not readable as I have 8 nested aggregations. Could you please let me how can go print the aggregated data as a data table in email body.

I have tried using the below docs for printing it as a list, is it possible to print the same as a table format tried using but no luck: Watching event data | Elasticsearch Guide [7.2] | Elastic

Please share what you tried, so that we can go from there.

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