Problem connecting Case Management Webhook Integration with Connectwise

Hi Elastic Team,

I am Integrating Elastic Case Management with Connectwise Tickets.
I have a problem updating the Status and Severity from Elastic Case to Connectwise Ticket.

for Initialdescription and title we have {{{case.description}}} and {{{case.title}}}.

I can see

those parameters available when I push case via webhook.

but when I put {{{case.status}}} and {{{case.severity}}}

in Update Case Method Its throws error as follows.
"[Action][Webhook - Case Management]: Unable to update case with id 4181900. Error: JSON Error: Update case JSON body must be valid JSON. "

Please Help !!!

Based on the error message you provided, it seems that there is an issue with the JSON body that you are sending when trying to update the case in Connectwise Tickets. The error indicates that the JSON body is not valid.

To resolve this issue, you should double-check the JSON format that you are using to update the case in Connectwise Tickets. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  1. Verify JSON Format: Ensure that the JSON body you are constructing adheres to the correct JSON syntax. Make sure there are no syntax errors, missing commas, or mismatched brackets.
  2. Check Data Types: Ensure that the data types of the "status" and "severity" fields match the expected data types in Connectwise Tickets. For example, if Connectwise Tickets requires the "status" field to be a string, make sure you are sending it as a string from Elastic Case Management.
  3. Validate Field Names: Check that the field names for "status" and "severity" in the JSON body match the field names expected by Connectwise Tickets. It's possible that the field names are case-sensitive or have specific formatting requirements.
  4. Escaping Special Characters: If the status or severity values contain special characters, ensure they are properly escaped in the JSON body.
  5. Test with Static Data: Temporarily try sending static values for "status" and "severity" in the JSON body to rule out any issues with variable interpolation. For example, instead of {{{case.status}}}, use a specific status value like "in progress" directly in the JSON body.
  6. Logging: Implement logging in your integration to capture the JSON body that is being sent to Connectwise Tickets. This can help you inspect the actual JSON being used and identify any issues.

Once you have validated and corrected the JSON body, attempt to update the case again. If the error persists, refer to the Connectwise Tickets documentation or reach out to their support team for further assistance.

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