Problem creating dynamic index from filename (filebeat)


i am trying to create index name same as filename from source but it doesn't seem to work, here's my logstash config file :

   input {
     port=> 5044

     filter {

     grok {
          match => ["source",".*\\%{GREEDYDATA:app_name}"]

     output {

       stdout {
         codec => rubydebug

         elasticsearch {
          hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
      index => "%{app_name}"

What do you see on stdout and what makes you think it is not working?

the index name i get is exactly %{app_name}

OK, so there is no [app_name] field on the event.

there is actually! and i also tried many fields that 100% exist but still it doesn't work

here's the pattern test:


I've found the solution, i have used [log][file][path] instead of source and i used mutate to transform it to lowercase, now it's creating indexes based on the source filename.

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