Problem downloading results that contain the # character

I am having a problem downloading results obtained using the Kibana SQL Workbench. It appears that the downloaded file is truncated when a "#" character appears in the text.

For example, here is the last record in the downloaded file for different file types:


2021-08-25T15:46:43.842Z,sas-config-init,DEBUG,Starting Iteration


2021-08-25T15:46:43.842Z|sas-config-init|DEBUG|Starting Iteration


                "message": "Starting Iteration 


        "Starting Iteration 

Here is the offending line as it appears in the Results viewer/table:

127 2021-08-25 15:46:43.842 sas-config-init DEBUG Starting Iteration #1

Is there a way to get around this problem, and download the entire file?

Hi @Vince_D! Is it possible you meant to open this topic under the Elastic Stack - Discuss the Elastic Stack topic with the Kibana tag?

Maybe so, @Brian_McGue. It's my first post and I guess I made it in the wrong area.

Is there a way to move it, or should I create a new post there?

Looks like you got it!

Not sure what you mean.

I just mean it looks like the post has been switched to the Elastic Stack topic and is tagged with Kibana now, which seems correct.

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