Kibana reporting download Intercept part of the string

I want to download report as csv,but I have a big field which is text,and i want to download as many rows as possible,so i want to konw how can i do,if i don't update the xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes param because which method is to need reboot kibana,I just want have a function to Intercept part of the string field but I can't find it according kibana,I try to use script_field but which is not fit for text field and i want to search the text field so i can‘t update it's fielddata attribute as ture.

I would suggest have a multi-field mapping on the big field, so there is a Text field and a Keyword field available.

        "big_field": {
          "type": "text",
          "fields": {
            "raw": {
              "type": "keyword"

Then make a runtime field that emits a truncated value of the keyword field.

ok,I will have a try,thanks

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