Problem in terms aggregation result buckets in rollup_search


  1. We have large number of documents on ES and coz of that we have created rollup job.
  2. but we are facing a problem while performing terms aggregation.
  3. We have one field as city_name and there are thousands of unique city_names present in our documents and we are performing terms aggregation on this field.
  4. But while performing rollup_search on our rollup_index if we compare rollup_search result of live_index+rollup_index with rollup_search result of only rollup_index we are not getting some city buckets in the later one (here we have kept everything similar for both the rollup_searches, only difference is in first search we are using live_index name with rollup-index name and in second one we are using only rollup-index name ).
  5. But now if we check the rollup index using some filters targeted for the missing cities then we will get missing cities in the result.
  6. So my point here is that those missing cities are present in rollup index but are not getting displayed in rollup-search (i.e the documents containing those cities are rolled-up).
  7. And now if we increase the size of terms aggregation while performing rollup_search we will get some of the missing cities in result.
  8. Es version = 6.6.1
    Is there something I should try, am I missing something??
    Thanks in advance.
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Hi @darkwarrior i am also facing similar issue as described by you . writing this comment to increase visibility for this issue

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