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I try to visualize data in Kibana 5. I successfully import key-value pairs through filebeats and logstash in elasticsearch. The Data is "HTTP-Requests=5"

I am not able to visualize a date histogram which shows me the current value of my key-value input data in this case "5".
Instead of this I have a timeline which counts the messages, and this is not what I want....

Maybe the problem is because of the field "HTTP-Requests" in the ES-Index which is of type string not number ? This data is imported with KV-Filter.

Thank you !

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I'm a little confused about what you're trying to visualize. What does the field "HTTP-Requests" represent, and why is the value always 5?


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After looking a little closer at the screenshot of your visualization, I wonder if you want to take a look at Timelion? If you use this blog post as a guide, you can build a chart that shows a sum of your HTTP requests over time. With a very fine time interval (e.g. 1 second), you can get a pretty good idea of the number of HTTP requests at any particular moment. Does this help?


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Thanks for your reply. The Value of field “HTTP-Requests” represents the concurrent requests beeing handled by my apache server.
Of course the value can change. I try to visualize those key-value pairs of data which I send to elasticsearch from a custom logfile not
from the apache access-log. I would like to create a chart which shows me the exact values of the field “HTTP-Requests” on a timeline not the sum of HTTP requests.

Thanks for any help,

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