Problem while plotting graph using Kibana - Due to field name with special character


I am exploring the Elastic cloud free trial tool and trying to generate some graphs out of my own sample logs. While I do so, i am facing issue while plotting the graphs. I have a field in my log with the name 'message-api-proxy' and while I keep that field in the x axis of my graph, I get to see three different columns 'message', 'api' & 'proxy' in the x-axis. I am not sure if Kibana could not read special characters or is it some other issue...


I've moved this to the graph category, cause it's not really a cloud question :slight_smile:

I suspect it's a graph-as-in-bar-chart question so doesn't belong here either :slight_smile:
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The problem seems to be the age-old one of doing aggregations on a tokenized field where a "not_analyzed" field should be used. See

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