Problem with an implementation on my array in a Pie Chart

Hello everyone, I have the following array and I want to make a pie chart with each of the "holders.address" and the "amount" of each of them, but I can't get that information, I don't know what calculation field to use for that I extract the information inside the pie chart and I need the last value in there.
Could you help me with this problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

Sadly that won't work with the way your data is structured. Kibana expect something similar to an address-centric document, something like:
address: 0x13413512...;
wallet: 0x11253123521431...;
amount: 0.05
Then you could do a filter by the wallet name and a pie chart split on address with the amount being the slice size.

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Okey thank you.

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