Problem with indexation mails to elasticsearch

Hi everyone please i need ur help i want to index my mail box into elasticsearch using logstash but i get this error :

[2018-04-19T18: 40: 44,429] [INFO] [logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] réessayant une action ayant échoué avec le code de réponse: 403 ({"type" => "cluster_block_exception", "reason" => "bloqué par: [ FORBIDDEN / 12 / index en lecture seule / autoriser la suppression (api)]; "})

As the error code is in french, may be it'd be better to ask in #in-your-native-tongue:discussions-en-francais.

Anyway, it looks like your index is blocked for write operations.
That can happen when elasticsearch is running low on disk space. In which case you need to increase the free disk space, then unblock the index.

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thank you David Pilato

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