Problem with jvm.options after update to 7.2

I updated to 7.2 with the windows installer today, and I've been getting an issue getting the JVM to even start after that.

Our Elastic Search Nodes run on Windows Server 2016 Dataservers, and are using java version 12.

Ever since the update, the the jvm complains during initialization:

[0.003s][error][logging] Error opening log file 'logs/gc.log': No such file or directory
[0.003s][error][logging] Initialization of output 'file=logs/gc.log' using options 'filecount=32,filesize=64m' failed.

After finding this issue on github, I managed to fix my problem by changing the line:




but I'm unsure as to why this is necessary, if there's a better fix for this issue or if this is just a bug.


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