Problem with ".transform-internal" and ".kibana_task_manager_" index


I have a problem with ".transform-internal" and ".kibana_task_manager_" indexes, they are corrupt

when I check the status (/_cluster/allocation/explain) both show:

    "current_state": "unassigned",
    "unassigned_info": {
        "reason": "NODE_LEFT",
        "at": "2022-07-06T23:42:56.887Z",
        "details": "node_left [lXQeE8TfRnmNI1q0SQSjug]",
        "last_allocation_status": "no_valid_shard_copy"
    "can_allocate": "no_valid_shard_copy",
    "allocate_explanation": "cannot allocate because all found copies of the shard are either stale or corrupt",

can I use restore to fix them?

show the possible request.

POST /_cluster/reroute
	"commands" : [
      	"allocate_stale_primary" : {
            	"index" : "<myindex>", "shard" : 0,
            	"node" : "<one of my nodes>",


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