Problems with FileBeat and FreeBSD

I am encountering a problem in the filebeat setup for our Elastic Cloud system.

This is our scenario:

  • We have a FreeBSD server where several applications are installed.
  • Each application generates a set of log files.
  • We have configured several spaces in Kibana, one for each application.
  • In each space, we have configured different indexes (one per file) and an index_pattern for each space.
  • We want to take the log files using filebeat and load them in Elastic Cloud, loading each data block in its space and corresponding index.

I am trying to install filebeat on a test server, with a single log file, to check that the communication between my server and Kibana is successful.

However, I can't get filebeat to work.

I have installed filebeat and configured file filebeat.yml with the following parameters:


  • /tmp/logs/*.log "JaniumBI: XXXX

cloud.auth: "elastic: password"

but the system constantly shows me the following error message:

"ERROR instance / metrics.go: 91 Error while getting memory usage: error retrieving process stats: cannot find matching process for pid = 18357"

Does this error have something to do with filebeat? It looks like you're trying to get system usage statistics, but I don't have any other modules configured.

Is it possible to use filebeat as we have thought?

I have seen that I can configure the output to link to the Elastic Cloud (although it still does not work for me) but I do not see the way to configure each block of logs for a specific space and index.

Thank you very much for your help,

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