Problems with Lab 3 in Lab Guide: Sentiment Analysis and Brand Monitoring


I am working on lab 3 in Sentiment Analysis and Brand Monitoring.
Until Lab 3 question 3 everythin gs is clear. But In Lab 3 question 3 there is no mentioning about starting the lab3.conf.

So I started the lab3 configuration myself with ./logstash-6.3.1/bin/logstash -f pipelines/lab3.conf.
The logstash runs, but in every document it tries to enrich there are errors:

Twitter messages come in, but no sentiment or sentiment score is added:

I have floowed the lab guide point by point. Seems like something is wrong in the python code.

Any help would be great.

Also, I would like to do the traiing again, but there is no dataset provided to run the labs locally?


Hello Patrick,

The problem is coming from the python dependency. In order to make it work updates the requirement.txt file. It should look like the following:


Once you have updated the requirement.txt file, delete the virtual env and recreate it and reinstall the dependencies.

We don't provide any dataset with this training, but you can easily replicate the environnement by downloading logstash/elasticsearch and Kibana.

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